Living Room Upgrade

Hey friends, I wanted to share with you some small updates we recently did in our living room. I did not properly document the complete transformation, but I do have this little gem that was taken a few months before we moved in. Sometimes I see pictures of what our house looked like before we painted and wonder what on earth we were thinking when we took on such a large project home. But I am so glad we did!



And the picture below was taken just before we made some small updates and did a couple of DIY projects. I absolutely LOVE the grey NuLoom rug in the before pictures, but after 3 years it felt like a good time to give it a break and try something different for a while. My husband is also very talented and handy around the house and makes all my crazy ideas come to life hence the 3 large arrows in the before picture, the accent wall piece in the updated pictures, the wood ottoman huggy coffee table, and the entire fireplace remodel.


As much as I love those arrows, that wall still felt bare to me so we came up with a cool design and my husband used his math and carpentry skills to bring it to life and I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out (still TBD if we paint it or not)! I liked the light we had in there before, but it was so bright I found that we never used it. I’m all about mood lighting! I love the look and feel of recessed lighting, but really thought I could find a cool plug in light fixture that would give the same feel. I can’t say enough good things about this 3 pendant light fixture I was able to find and what makes it even better is that it was only $25.99! There was additional cost as I purchased the ceiling hooks, light cages and Edison bulbs for a more finished look. It did take a bit of time and effort tinkering with the cord to get the loops and length of the pendants where I wanted, but it was definitely worth it.






Before the upgrade I was going for a grey/black/white color palette. I still really love those colors and kept most of my decorations in this room. I just rearranged and re-purposed a lot of my pieces, and in the spirit of warming up my color palette I added a large new area rug, new pillow covers, some greenery and added in a few golden brown tones.


I also wanted to de-clutter my bookshelves. They get used a lot, hold lots of everyday items and I also have to strategically place certain items to conceal cords and things, so they will always have a small amount of clutter going on. Overall I feel that they look significantly cleaner and more put together.




Our fireplace area was one of the first things we redid after we moved in as I wasn’t crazy about the gold sparkly paint on the mantle….. We also were gifted a wine fridge and made use of that space to the right of the TV. In case there’s a question about the blankets on my couch, I do use 5 queen sized blankets to cover my couch as we have children and a small zoo at home. Our sectional couch is by Ashley and our ottoman was a $20 thrift store find, recovered in grey canvas by my Mom to match the couch…then covered up again by a queen sized couch blanket most of the time. :-p


This post is mostly to showcase how small changes in a space can have a big impact. This room isn’t completely finished yet, but are home projects ever reeeally finished? 🙂

















Below I’ll link some newly purchased items as well as some I purchased a while back and still love in here. I will post links to as many things I can find that I purchased for this room – new & old – as well as similar items for things I am unable to link (like some of the pillow covers because my Mom is an incredible seamstress and makes most of my pillow covers), and items I love that give the same feel as pieces in my living room. I do receive a small chunk of change if you choose to make a purchase from one of the links below at no extra cost to you, which I will probably use to purchase more fun things on the internet and hopefully create good content for you. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂






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