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hi, i’m elsa

Hey friends, here’s a quick intro on who I am and what this platform is about. My name is Elsa and I’m gulp 30 years old. I am California born and raised. I have been married to my best friend for 9 years and together we have two wonderful sons.

For the first time ever, two years ago I picked a word for my New Year’s resolution—perseverance. It just popped into my head one cold December morning in 2017 and I couldn’t shake it. Little did I know I’d be clinging to the word for most of 2018, which turned out to be a rough year for me. Then for 2019, two words popped into my head—joy & sacrifice which also coincidentally turned out to be very appropriate words for that year. I always thought that having a word for a New Year’s resolution was sort of cheesy, but in the last couple of years they provided the verbal reminder I needed in tough times that opened my eyes to the opportunity for self growth.

All that said, here we are a couple weeks into January 2020 and only in the last couple of days has a word been lingering in my brain—confidence. I have always lacked confidence in sharing my interests because I’ve been unsure that others would find value in them. My goal for 2020 is to grow in that area of my life, so here’s to hoping that my word of the year provides lots of opportunities for self growth.

There are a few things I think I’m pretty good at being creative with—writing, gift giving, making a functional homey space aesthetically pleasing, and finding cool stuff and killer deals on Amazon (lol, just ask my husband)! This is where I’ll be sharing these things with you. I’ve been considering doing something like this for quite some time, but haven’t felt like my content would be interesting or good enough. I plan to share these things because I genuinely enjoy them, and because I’ve made the decision to be brave and have confidence in sharing them.

Thanks for stopping by! 🤍




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