Lego Double Birthday Party

Hey friends,


I wanted to share with you my latest project which was my boys’ double birthday party! When I heard my second son’s due date, one of the first things I thought about was how close it was to my first son’s birthday.


Then, my mind started racing with double birthday party ideas! It was a tad difficult as they are four years apart so their interests are of course different. But what kid doesn’t like legos!? Both boys play with the larger Duplo and mega blocks, and my oldest is recently into the smaller traditional legos. So it felt like this would be the absolute perfect theme for their combined 5th and 1st birthday party.


I started off making my invitations on Canva and had them printed and mailed to me, which worked out perfectly. I find Canva easy to navigate and I use it for various projects quite frequently. I spent a couple of dollars on some of the graphics and having them printed and mailed to me was also very cost effective and saved me time. I also made the tags for the children’s gift bags, but printed those out at home.







        I got most of the decor (table cloths, plates, napkins, balloons, center pieces, party favor bags, etc) as well as the lego building kits for the big kids from the dollar store. The dollar store has an awesome selection of party supplies and I was pleasantly surprised that they covered the lego theme, it worked out well for me!



If you don’t have the time to run to the store and are more of an Amazon Prime delivery regular, I was able to find these lego themed birthday party supplies below (I do receive a small chunk of change if you choose to make a purchase from one of the links below at no extra cost to you, which I will probably use to purchase more fun things on the internet and hopefully create good content for you):



One thing I knew I was going to need to do with this being a double birthday party of two boys with a large age gap was to have party favors for the bigger kids and a more baby friendly option as there would be kids of both age groups attending.



For the bigger kids, I went ahead and got these AWESOME little building kits that include a vehicle of some sort and a little figure, two addition figures in a box, and some cool mixed clear legos. I ended up buying ten bags of assorted clear legos from the dollar store, upwrapped them, mixed them up and threw them in the bags on top of the boxed items to add some fun color. The building kits are not lego brand but all the pieces do work with the name brand legos. Everything in those party favors was $1, so each favor averaged $3.





For the baby guests, I ordered the set of blocks I linked above. There were instructions to make different types of vehicles with them. I put them all together and added the stickers before putting them in the bags so they’d be ready in case we had some fussy babes that needed distracting at the party. You never know, right?! I also knew I wanted to have bubbles, mostly for the babies. I ordered the lego themed bubble packets from Oriental Trading and put one in each of the baby party favors.


Aside from singing “Happy Birthday” with two names attached, I felt like the main difference this year with having a double birthday party was the party favors for both age groups.




The lego shaped candies I linked were one of my favorites! I used them in the large plastic lego party favor containers I got from the dollar store for the adult guests at each table AND for the top of the cupcakes to tie them into the theme. I bought them at our local Winco, but I have seen them available on Amazon as well.







Overall, I was so happy to see my boys both enjoy their first joint birthday party and the theme was absolutely perfect for this event. I should also mention that the venue we had the party at fortunately had lots of things to do for each age group, so there was no need for me to come up with any lego themed activities. 🙂 Everything else was so much fun to put together and it was nice to watch all the guests enjoy the favors and cupcakes. Thanks for stopping by and happy party planning!!



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